scientific explanating of dreaming

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scientific explanating of dreaming

Dreams are simply a result of the « awake-like » forebrain  the « higher » perceptual, cognitive and emotional areas – trying to make sense of the input that it’s receiving as a result of waves of activation arising from the brainstem. A dream is the forebrain’s « best guess » at making a meaningful story out of the assortment of sensations (mostly visual) and concepts activated by these periodic waves. There’s no attempt to disguise the shameful parts; the bizarreness of dreams simply reflects the fact that the input is pretty much random.

A very interesting explanation of the purpose of dreaming, take a look to the video below it will answer all your hidden questions and will amaze you with some of dreaming facts that you did not know before;

you’ll know how the brain does work in your sleep, and what happened inside our heads 

and to now more about sleep facts, you shall visit this website :  40 sleep facts

Short animation movies

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you’ll watch in this article some of the best short animated movies that were created, most of them awarded or nominated for the Academy Awards. Most of these motion graphics masterpieces have a funny approach on the situations presented but you will also see some dramatic short videos. It will take you some to watch them all so I’m suggesting you to bookmark the article. I’ve watched all of these and I was astonished by their author’s creativity and exemplar execution.

  • French Toast

French Roast is an animated short created by Fabrice O. Joubert. It is Joubert’s first short film.

In a fancy Parisian Café c. 1960, an uptight businessman discovers he forgot to bring his wallet and bides his time by ordering more coffee. He constantly turns away a homeless man who asks him for money, but in the end, due to a curious turn of events, it is the homeless man who is unselfish enough to pay the businessman’s bill thus saving him from embarrassment.

  • Alarm

Alarm is an animation directed for Jang Moo-hyun from the independent team of  MESAI.

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Quotes to Live By

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Quotes has such an effect in our daily lifes, they make us feel more happy if we had a bad day, and just sheers us up, or just reflect the way we feel, and express our feelings in a short sentence that a lot of word want do justice to it;

Sometimes you come across words that stir something inside you, creating a resonance to such a degree, that it seems like they were written just for you. Thoughts arising from the depth of experience are marked by simplicity and amazing clarity. In the depths of despair, such words of wisdom, give you hope and a new perspective of life. A single sentence can encapsulate an entire philosophy of life, within it. These inspirational quotes to live by, are the essence of wisdom and in my opinion, the real education the world has to offer. For all you sometimes need is one thought to transform your life. 

here are few of my inspirational quotes a sort of a glass on my feelings :


Sometimes the best thing that you can do is not to think. not wonder. not imagine. not obsess. just breathe. and have faith that everything will work out for the best


Be thankful and stop complaining

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